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Speedometer adjustment, speedometer attitude and speedometer repairs in the speedometer service.

Due to the new legislation we see us forced to adjust our speedometer service in Germany.

We closed and point out our head office in Kaarst AND all branch branches in Germany for the protection of our customers expressly that the speedometer adjustment is not in Germany a harmless crime, but a punishable action. Intensified controls of the legislator were accomplished in the past. We dissociate ourselves expressly from competitors, who offer these services further in Germany and customers knowingly to this danger expose and which play down topic.

The law concerned also a speedometer correction on the correct odometer reading with engine change or speedometer exchange after a defect. That was changed by a correcting paragraphs concerned. Since we shifted our company headquarters into the Netherlands, we offer now our speedometer service such as speedometer adjustment, speedometer attitude, pixel error repair, TV/DVD de-energising as well as other services only in Venlo/NL through.

Up to the law change on 18 August 2005 the speedometer attitude as well as the speedometer adjustment were permitted in Germany, which you can reread exact wording under right references.

economical alternative for the change of the combination instrument also combination instrument repairs at similar and digital distance counters offer.

Since we would like ourselves to have established in our field of activity of the speedometer adjustments over years and make available our specialized knowledge further our customer master, we specialized apart from the kilometer attitude on speedometers in speedometer repairs of the most different motor vehicle types.

This contains among other things pixel error correction at the speedometer and at digital odometers, error code recoveries, service interval adjustments and selections of the kilometer conditions of the most diverse storage locations.

A economical alternative for the change of the combination instrument also combination instrument repairs at similar and digital distance counters offer.

Further we offer also TV-de-energising, DVD de-energising and a professional service for chip tuning.

We read your original odometer reading from the engine expensive equipment
Now the singular possibility at engine expensive devices of the VAG group exists to pick the hidden odometer reading out and change. over 400 test vehicles it resulted in that the mileage is stored among other things also in engine expensive devices. The software picks the hidden odometer reading out over the serial interface (OBD2 interface) and the changed odometer reading can easy and without large expenditure into the controller again be brought in. Since this software is not available in the free trade and one does not drive out, you will find this service only with a professional odometer service.
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New services
Under the column speedometer services and further services you find approximately further services around the topic speedometer adjustment. Due to ever larger demand we extended our offer within the range of the service achievements. The spectrum contains a large number of topics approximately around the topic mileage correction..

Edition 2007 New Diga-Soft single versions
Now it is finally possible to acquire completely equipped speedometer adjusting equipment with an individual vehicle manufacturer! You find the new single version list with the list of the current motor vehicles here. Naturally it concerns a complete offer with hardware, software, everything to the adjustment forces itself cables and a detailed guidance.

Vehicle list

Explanation of the technical terms
The topics speedometer adjustment and speedometer attitude contain many technical terms, which are not common the layman. The term light module, Diga Consult, speedometer adjustment etc. is explained exactly under the column glossary. There you find an exact term explanation of the individual points.